Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Efficascent Oil : A Filipino miracle oil

For anyone unaware of what exactly Efficascent Oil is, I don't know whether you should feel grateful for your ignorance or feel an  inkling of curiosity toward knowing what it is I'm talking about. It a product relative to BenGay or Icy hot that many use for their aches, pains, arthritis, etc, only this kind of The Filipino thing.  My grandparents, my dad, aunties, uncles..   my Filipino family will all swear to the miracle of this oil.  While I myself cannot testify to it's effectiveness - I can tell you one thing:  it stinks. I looks like olive oil, but it stinks. In my opinion, it holds a scent that is more lasting and strongly prominent than it's sister products BenGay or IcyHot.

But like I said, it's a testified miracle worker. When I was kid, Efficascent and Vicks.. whichever one was available in my house - was the solution to any sickness:

 Me: Daddy, my nose is stuffy.
Dad: Herr, put dis in your nose. (hands me Vicks or the Oil)
Me: Nooooo...
Dad: Mmmmm (disapprovingly) up tu yu ip yu dun wunt tu get betterr. 

I hated it. But when you're a kid in a Filipino household... you pretty much don't have a choice so you use that icky and pretend to like it.

As my dad got older, he would use it every day to help out the joints and would holler at me to put some on his back.  Like literally holler at me, even if I was in the same room. During the initial hollers I would pretend to not hear him hoping he would stop hollering, but he kept doing it til I answered.

Win!....::silence:: Win!... ::silence:: Wintrrr!
Me: Whaat?!?!
Put some Ippicusunt on my buck.
Me: Aww Mayan!

I mentioned stinkiness as a reason for disliking the dang thing, but it also had staying power. Even after putting some on the hands, it made them oily and wouldn't completely come off unless the hands were thoroughly washed five times.  There have been a number of times when I after putting some on my hands, I accidently got some on my homework because I had not thoroughly washed my hands well enough. So it's like, I had math homework - with a few faint olive-oil like dots on it - only it wasn't olive oil because it smelled like Filipino oil. Yucky. 

But apparently, efficascent oil has been around for over 50 years and was used as remedy oil for those poor Filipinos who couldn't afford medical care costs (which was probably 99% percent of them). While  one used to only be able to buy them in Filipino Stores or Asian markets.. this stuff is selling in amazon now. Seriously, amazon! 

I'll have to thank my husband for getting Amazon prime - now we could get this stuff in 2 days if we wanted to. 

Anyways, sarcasm aside.. I'm sure when I get older I will be begging someone to put this shtuff on my back when the arthritis kicks in and I will have to only hope that I have kids that will even touch it, which they probably won't.

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  1. Efficascent Oil, or any other type of oil (or locally known as 'lana') goes hand in hand with 'hilot', or Filipino massage. It's part of alternative medicine that's been around for ages. No matter how much we believe in modern medicine nowadays, 'hilot' is still believed to be very potent.