Friday, March 23, 2012

The Rice Crisis

Take a Filipino household with no rice, and you have a Filipino crisis.

Yes I know, it sounds ridiculous to call "having no rice" a crisis when there are people who are losing their homes to tornadoes and far more dramatic things happening around the world,  but you don't understand: Rice is a part of the daily Filipino life. Sometimes - it may be the only thing in they have to eat. Take that away and it's like... oh shit. what do I do now?

I myself, have sort of weaned away from eating it everyday (and I used eat rice all the time, every day, with every meal, with everything) and something else in its' stead. But there are times when I just crave it out of nowhere. Like, I could be sitting at my desk, crunching numbers, when all of a sudden it's like I could go for some white rice right now. And it never matters what I eat the rice with... I just crave specifically the white sticky rice. So then I make it or get it from someplace and eat it like nobody's business, I mean.. I eat it... like I'd been starving for days even though I had probably eaten a meal within the past hour. It's that crazy... and weird, but.. I guess I'm weird like that.

Anyways, so apparently, the other week, my parents ran out of rice. 

"O, Good Ebening"

This is how my dad answers the phone whenever he calls me.  He acts surprised that I answered the phone, all the while being oddly cordial. 

"Dis is daddy" 

"I know, I have caller ID"

"Oh."  He laughs. Even though this whole caller ID technology has been out for like, 10 years... my dad forgets that it exists and every time acts surprised that I knew it was him calling - like I'm psychic or something. 

But then his voice changes to a more serious note.

 "Win, ... win .. . win... win"

It is when he says my name multiple times - in quick rapid fire mode - that I suspect that something is up. Sometimes it's because he ran out of toilet paper, other times he can't figure out how to turn the DVD player on. What kind of toppings did I put in his burrito last time we went to Chipotle?  Did the Huskies win? (Me: I don't know.. u can look it up on the internet. My dad: Oh yea no? )

Dad: When are you going to Cosco?

Me: Idk, 

Dad: I dunt know? heh?... i need rice. 

me: I'll go sometime and we'll get you rice. Can you eat something else until you get rice?  

Dad: What am I going to eat with my cornbeep?

me: Bread. 

Dad: HEHH!?!

It was like I said the unfathomable death word ;  I was sorry I even mentioned it, I know...I was probably being insenstive.  

It was three days until I made that Costco trip, and in that waiting period my dad must have called me everyday to ask if today was the day I would take him to Cosco. There was definitely a feeling of frantic-ness, a feeling that the elements of life were not aligned due to there being no rice in the house.. I did eventually take him on that third day of asking, and he got his coveted bag; all was right with the world,  I hope...

until the next rice crisis... lol.

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