Wednesday, May 9, 2012

The Smelly Kiss

The other morning, I found myself giving a smelly kiss to my husband.

Wtheck just happened here? I was doing what my parents, aunties, uncles, ninongs and ninangs did to me when I was growing up and what I swore I would never do when I grew up: plant the smelly kiss

For those of you who don't know what this smelly kiss is, it's kind of a weird tradition to explain. So many of us define a kiss as the standard puckering of the lips.  While Filipinos have adopted this westernized method of affection, the rubbing of noses is the way natives back in the day would actually kiss before they were colonized by the Spanish.

 In doing some other research, I found that even after the Spanish taught Filipino natives how to smooch, they would still rub noses and smell.

Was it an act of rebellion against those conquistadors that they chose to continue to rub noses? or did they figure it was affection x2? or maybe they felt weird doing the westernized kiss and so felt the need to offset the weirdness by topping it off with what they knew how to do? Nose rubbing. Whatever the reason, it is a tradition that has passed down from generations.

It surprised me to learn that the nose / affectionate sniffing deal is not a tradition practiced just by Filipinos, but is common among other Asian countries.

...and I thought Filipinos were the only ones doing quirky stuff.

While lip to lip action is what many of us define as a kiss, it is a more recent practice than you would expect. According to  Wikipedia on Snogging, it only practiced among the upper class during the middle ages, never among the lowly. Some cultures had never even heard of kissing. Which is totally not what you see in movies about the middle ages.  Like that one version of Hamlet with Mel Gibson.. I'm pretty sure there was kissing in that movie. Lies!  all lies!

Yes, I know - I did a whole lot of research on this subject, but I couldn't help it. One google search led to another. It was just interesting to learn that this tradition which I had always thought so weird is not uncommon.

::Flashback to my younger days::

Ay na ko. dalaga na ka!! omg, you're a young lady now, my aunts would say after seeing me. Even if it had only been a week or a few days since I saw them, they would still react like I'd gotten boobs or grown 5 inches taller since I'd last seen them.

They would then take my face in both hands and ::WHAM!!: plant a smelly kiss on both sides of my cheeks. Their noses pressed up against my face as they inhaled, holding their held breath for a few seconds. With the exhale of air, they then would give a loud smucker.  I could not get away; I wasn't supposed to get away. If I evaded them somehow, they would find me.

::Fast Forward::

And now I was planting smelly kisses on my husband. I remember the first time I gave my husband a smelly kiss, he gave me an odd look of what the fuck was that?  Did you just smell me? 

Indeed I did, husband. Indeed I did.

He has since gotten used to the quirky kisses and accepts it as my way of showing mas affection. If he thought it was really weird and asked me to stop, I would try, but wouldn't be able to guarantee anything. It's part of my nature, kind of like how it's part of a dog's nature to pee when they want to mark their territory. I don't ever mentally think I'm going to plant a smelly kiss on my husband and my dogs right before I go in the big smooch. No, it's an innate reaction that I have whenever I am overwhelmed with feelings of happiness and love... and I just want to smother them with love. It's the best way I know how. I'd like to think my husband is starting to reciprocate the form of affection, but... probably not. lol. 

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