Tuesday, July 17, 2012

I want a Magic Mic!

I think I may be the only Filipino in the world without a magic mic

I know, I know. From my desk, I can hear a million Filipinos gasping and muttering Ay Na Ko! Who's anak (kid) is dis?!? She should be e-shame!

I am ashamed. The Magic Mic is a staple of the Filipino household.  And I, who claim the Filipino culture as my own, do not have one.


[Side Tangent - After hearing the phrase all my life, I finally broke down the phrase susmaryosep for the first time.  I now realize what it means! It was quite the revelation... My expression was like.. ooooohhhh!!! ::lightbulb::  and then...lol! omg, how boater!!]

In my defense, magic mics are not cheap. I don't even know how some Filipinos can afford the dang thing when it's like, $300 - $400, but as many Filipinos (including myself) are karaoke rockstars, they make it happen.

What makes the magic mic so awesome (for those of you who are unaware that such an awesome karaoke device exists)?

  1. There are thousands of songs available for you to sing
    • From K-pop, to Tagalog, to the classics, to the the Top40, these songs are stored in memory cards that you can switch out and buy to get new songs
  2. Background scenery
    • While the lyrics flash on the tv screen, a slideshow of the most random pictures play. Deep space 9, cows grazing in the meadow, a beach, corn fields, it is literally the most random pictures that never have anything to do with the song playing.
  3. Grammatically Correct?
    • No. A lot of the English songs saved are not grammatically correct. Many an instance has occurred where I would be singing, and would realize the lyrics displayed on the screen are not how the actual song goes. O-well, that is what you get when you have a non-native English speaker translate to English an English song.
  4. Scoring not based on talent
    • At the end of each song, a score pops up. I don't necessarily know how a person is scored, but I have seen people get scores of 99 % when all they did was sing one pitch the whole time. Maybe the magic mic was broken, but in general I've seen better singers  get scored lower than the worse singers.
I realize that these reasons may not necessarily be selling points to those who've never experienced the magic mic experience. But take my word, it's a good time that promotes fun and makes it so there's less pressure for those who can't necessarily sing.

Whenever I go to parties that have magic mic for entertainment, it seems like everyone there who does magic mic at every party has one single song that they sing every time. For some it's I did it my way. For others, like myself - it's End of the Road.  Whatever the song, the song number is always memorized by heart by whoever sings the song.

Singer: 2-9-6-3-5!!!

Me: What song is that? 

Singer: Dat ... is my song.... apter put on 6-4-3-7-8!!!

Me: You're singing Journey again? !? 

I always enjoy going to these parties that have magic mic, it's a good good time. My inner rock star emerges every time I sing my song and for that brief moment, I am a pro. I hope to one day have my own magic mic device that I could use all the time at parties and when i'm at home... by myself.. where no one can hear me. One day I'll make it happen and when that day comes, it will be awesome! 

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