Friday, August 24, 2012

Making Rice... the OG way

During one of my weekly trips to Costco:

A: Are you getting rice for your parents? 
Me: Why do you assume that's the only thing that they would want ?
A: Because they're Asian? 

I could think of no clever response to that.... because it was true. The word 'Asians' and 'rice' are synonymous, kind of like 'peanut butter' and 'jelly' - you can't think of one, without thinking of the other. There are some who break away from eating rice on a daily basis due to to wanting to eat healthier, but you never meet an Asian who never liked it, or at least I have never met one in my life.

Some of you might think... rice is rice... is rice. Tell that to an Asian person, more specifically, an Asian person from Asia,  and you have pretty much offended them on the same level as if you would have told them that their child was ugly. (Unless they agreed with you... then that analogy wouldn't work). Different rice brands have different type of flavoring, and while some might think that it all tastes the same, there are those like my dad who will swear, that they are not.

Me: How about we get this rice? 
Dad: NO! Get the California rice...
Me: Why? how is it differernt from the Kokiko rice brand...
Dad: I don't like it... it's not the same.
Me: It's the same think...
Dad: no. 

While most rice connoisseurs cook their rice in rice cookers, there are those - like myself - who choose to cook their rice in a regular ole-pot on a stove. Yes, cooking rice in a rice cooker is easier, is faster, may come even better, but cooking rice in a pot on the stove is the O.G. way. 'O.G.' meaning, it's the way people do it when they couldn't/can't afford rice cookers, it was the way people would make it before rice cookers were even invented. Rice cookers were invented fairly recently considering that rice in itself has been around for centuries.

My rice... bubbling
I suppose the reason for me continuously making rice the traditional way is because of the very fact that it is traditional; it is knowledge that is being lost with each generation's increased usage of the rice cooker. And yes, I know... I know... it's just cooking rice, it's not any sort of dire information that is pivotal to the survival of the human race. But I feel like tradition, even how small or minute, tells us a lot about who we are and our journey as a people and we ultimately gain a deeper appreciation for it. What happens when tradition fades into distant memory, to only become facts written in History books for people to learn from? I suppose we move on, adopt and create new traditions to call our own, but I'd like to think something more is lost when tradition is lost.

So... I make rice the OG way, washing my rice, measuring the rice with my pinky, which I think drives my engineer husband crazy since there is no exact formula for my rice making.

Convo we had when we first started dating....

A: How may cups of rice did u put in?
Me: I don't know... i just poured
A: What? How are you just going pour the rice? You need to know how many cups you put in so you put water accordingly.
Me: I just measure the water by my pinky ::Point to half inch marker of my pinky

Pointing to my pinky
A: Why would you do that?
Me: B/c that's how I was taught?  

and my rice comes out perfect every time.. so I'm sticking to my tradition.

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