Wednesday, August 8, 2012

The Boater in Me

I was an English major in college. I think its pretty rare for an Asian person to be an English major since most Asian people I know were in business school, were on the medical path, majored in Asian American Studies, anything other than English. Perhaps it is because there exists a disconnect between the English History and background infused in English literature, and the history and culture of Asian people. Or maybe it's because Asian families elevate occupations such as doctors, accountants, engineers that their children see importance in becoming those things. I don't know...

 OH, but I loved it. I loved learning about the History, I loved reading, writing papers, being in discussions and listening in on What does it all mean?!?  I felt intellectually/creatively stimulated. It would seem a paradox that I ended up in accounting, but... it is what it is.

Despite my love for words, I find that a certain boaterness somehow seems to creep up once in a while. Not so much a boaterness in mannerisms - like being surprised the person calling you has their name show up on the caller id.

My dad does this all the time.

Dad:Oh-how did you know it was me? 
Me: Caller ID
Dad: Oh.. hahahahahaaha
Me : O_O

No, it's a sort of boaterness that comes with language. I don't know where it comes from. I mean, I was born here (in the good ole US of A) I watched American television all the time, ate McDonalds all the time growing up. You would think that those types of things would totally Americanize me, me already being American. But no, this boaterness comes out of nowhere. When I'm having random conversations, when I'm writing emails... ha! especially when I'm writing emails.


Friend: Oh man I need an umbrella
Me: Yea, it raining. 

Another Example through email:

Please see attached. contact me for free. (feel free to contact me)

A lot of times when I write these email, I don't get myself until after the email is sent. Then it's like ... dammit! But it's usually too late to recall the message.

Other times, I'll subconsciously pronounce things with a Filipino accent.

Surfrice! (Suprise!)

We're on the second praise... I mean phase. 

I do know the reasoning for this: Growing up I would always make fun of my dad and the way he said things. In fact, I still do sometimes. In effect, I inherited some boaterness. I feel like it's karma's way of saying this is what you get for making fun of the way your dad talks. muahahah..

Ehh, but I probably deserve it.

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