Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Are Filipinos Asian? ...or are they Pacific Islander?

There are those who will argue that 'Filipinos' are 'Pacific Islander' . The Philippines lie geographically in the Pacific Island! these passionate people would say. They live on an island, they look more like Polynesian people!!

And there are others who will argue that Filipinos are Asian. No!!! they would refute. you are wrong! Japan is in the Pacific Ocean, yet they are Asian!  So...Filipinos are Asian!

 Both groups will argue to their wits end for the sake of being politically correct. Websites, you tube videos, questions posted on internet forums, exist touching upon this subject, all of them trying to come up with a definitive, conclusive answer for this all-important question because... well, this is a very important issue.

I admit that at one time during my younger years (you mean like last year, Winter?), I too was caught up in the technicalities, putting my claim that Filipinos had to, just had to be part of  Pacific Islander since the Philippines was not part of the continent Asia and were more 'brown'. Gradually my opinion changed to a more confused one, as I heard other arguments why Filipinos were considered 'Asian and realized my whole claim to Filipinos being 'brown' was not a true as I myself, was not 'brown' . In those surveys that required you to bubble in your ethnicity and would let you bubble in more than one, I began to bubble both 'Asian' and 'Pacific Islander' for the sake of not being wrong.

Now? Now I have come to the opinion that I just don't care. That's fine if other people want argue about it, but at the end of the day it takes too much time and effort to even care about a technicality.  I just wasted a total of 30 minutes writing about this when I could've been doing other things. Like working.... O_O .

This whole thing makes think me about how often times, people get caught up in things such as technicalities. I don't know what it is, perhaps it is this need to distinguish oneself as different, define boundaries that characterize 'us' versus 'them'. In effect this creates silos, tensions, discrimination etc etc... and maybe I'm getting a little too deep with this, but I guess my whole point is...who fucking cares? How about we use our time and energy to stop caring about something that really doesn't matter, and start caring about something that does the fact that it cost me $23 to UPS a box of birthday presents to my niece in Kansas. Fuckin ludacris. $23!!

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