Tuesday, April 30, 2013

A Proud FIlipino Moment: Anthony Bourdain tries Halo Halo

Anthony Bourdain is like my idol. You don't understand: if I could - right now- go back to when I was 10, knowing what I know now and re-do my whole life career, I would not be saying I want to be a singer like Mariah Carey when I grow up (because that obviously did not pan out)  Instead I would be saying something along the lines of I want to eat, go places, and eat some more, and be awesome.... I want to be like Anthony Bourdain.

Seriously, why wouldn't you like his job? He travels, writes, cooks, and eats for living, all the while keeping it real with his sometimes smart-ass commentary.  There's no fluff with him as he gives interesting and realistic perspectives on life in other places of the world that are unknown to people like me, who sit and shove potato chips while watching his show.

Okay, just kidding. I don't really shove my face with potato chips while watching Bourdain, but God.. I really want to... I really do. I just love potato chips.

Apparently, Anthony Bourdain has this new show on CNN called "Parts Unknown" -which to me, is sort of like "No Reservations", but in a different network.  While I had only just discovered "No Reservations" a few years ago, during the last few episodes of the series, I was saddened at the prospect of the show ending.

What am I going to do? I thought. Who's going to show me what the world is like and show me what I should eat if I should ever go someplace different? 

It was like that time when Costco started selling mochi-icecream. I thought it was the greatest thing in the world and was like.. I'm going to buy this all the time because it's so good ... and then they stopped selling it.

Why Costco ? Why? 

While Costco has not since revived selling the mochi-icecream, CNN has resolved my Bourdain issue.

In a recent episode, Bourdain explored Koreatown, LA. During the episode, he visited Jolibees (which apparently is in Koreatown?) and tried Halo Halo, among other things.

.. and he liked it, saying the desert "made no sense at all", but was "oddly beautiful"

A food icon, complimenting one of my favorite desserts in the world ( and I love me some dessert)! You can imagine how I felt as my heart swelled with pride. It made me want to run down to Jollibeers (which is 1 hours away from me) and have some halo halo in celebration of it all, but it was 10 at night and I had to work the next morning and more than likely Jollibees was closed.

I hope Bourdain does explore more Filipino food in later episodes. Only the good stuff though that won't freak the outside world out because some of it is weird, like the pig's blood... but a lot of it is good - bad for you, but good...  and having really good is something to be proud of


  1. He's tried lechon, and he loved it. It was in one of his previous shows.