Monday, September 30, 2013

Your Husband..Is he Cattolic?....and other Questions of an Auntie.

My Aunt called me up a few days ago; I hadn't talked to her in years. This particular Aunt is my dad's older sister and is just as foreign and FOB as my dad, if not even more so.

She called because she didn't have my dad's new number. Apparently, she was one digit short:

Ay sos, he did not tell me de last number was de six. I only hab 6 numbers... plus de area code.

She then made idle chit chat, asking me how I was, did I have any kids (no I have dogs), how come I didn't have kids ..."bumbai u get too old" (me: thanks auntie, ill keep that in mind).

And then came the question on the husband.

Auntie: is he Cattolic?

I found it funny that she asked that question as growing up it was one of the top 2 questions asked whenever I told my mom or relative I was dating someone (which was probably like 3 times...I don't have that impressive of a dating resume)

It was always in always this order:

1. Is he Filipino?  (In this case. .no)
2. Is he Catholic ?

Responding 'yes' to question no. 1 was an automatic assumption that the person in question was Catholic, unless otherwise indicated, which in that case would then cause disapproval (because what kind Filipino wasn't Cahtloic?) Answering 'no' to question 1 automatically led to being asked question 2, and if question 2 was a 'no', you would get a raised brow response of  'mmmmmmm....not Cattolic. how come? will u raise your kid?' response. Which would then cause disapproval and some chis-mis (gossip) among other relatives 

yea, she is dating somebody... but he's not CATTOLIC! ::insert shocked gasped reactions:: 

And then, the next time you would talk to your other relatives, they would bring up this 'shocking' fact

Relative: I heard you hab a boyprend.. and he's not CATTOLIC?'
Me: uhmm...
Relative: mmmmmmm.... aye na ko (oh my God!)

Thank goodness my husband passed the 'Catholic test' with my Aunt, because there would have been some chis-mis going around that would somehow have ended up being heard by family I had never even met in the Philippines. Which, I don't care if it did, but still.. kind of funny.

My Aunt moved on to other questions about my husband:

Auntie: Oh, I heard he's a pilot 
Me: he is?  
Auntie : I heard he's a pilot
Me: He's an engineer .. he used to work at Boeing... he used to design structural fixes for planes

I think I lost her with 'engineer' because at the end of my explanation of him not being a pilot, she just said "Oh.". And where she got that 'pilot' rumor? I have no idea. Probably from my dad, telling her my husband works with planes, and my Aunt automatically thinking oh, he must be pilot.. and just going with it. lol. That's my family for you. 

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