Monday, November 11, 2013

Typhoon in the Philippines ...and being Self Absorbed

It took my husband (who's not Filipino) mentioning the typhoon in the Philippines for me to be aware of it's devastation

Husband: "Man, that sucks what happens what happened in the Philippines.
Me: Yea I know
H: Have you heard anything from your family
Me: No
H: You haven't asked you're dad how they're doing?
Me: No...
H: That's bad...

The truth is, I can be so self - absorbed sometimes, unaware of what's going on with anything else except with what's in my own little bubble. But I feel like that's a symptom that affects a lot people that live within most westernized cultures, especially the United States. While it is a blessing that we live in a country that protects us from a lot of things, it inadvertently causes us to regard a lot of the worlds happenings as "oh, that's quite unfortunate", but "what am I going to wear to work today?" or "this barista is taking so long with my coffee order". I know, it really isn't an excuse, it's just a sad truth to the way things are.

Now, as I read the news headlines and see pictures of the devastation, I come to the realization in being self-absorbed and not aware of what was going on,  I am such a horrible person, especially since this typhoon hit my motherland, the place where my ancestors are from. If it hadn't been for some descendant deciding to migrate to another country for a better life, me - or some version of me, would probably be dealing with the tragic damages of the typhoon.

It is especially unfortunate when natural disasters hit 3rd world nations who were already poor to begin with. I mean, people were probably living in shanty homes and now you take away that away, as well as the materials they would need rebuild that shanty home?  How do you rebuild nothing from a storm that leaves you with less than nothing?

Anyways, I hope everyone keeps the Philippines in their thoughts and prayers, because as we're going to our jobs, taking hot showers, eating hearty breakfasts, there are people out there who just lost everything. I will definitely being keeping that in mind today.

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